Quail meat is not only known for its exceptional taste. It has also gained an excellent reputation for its nutritional and health benefits. The consumption of quail meat has many benefits and contributes to general health and well-being. It is easily digestible, low in calories and rich in valuable ingredients, so it is worth including it in your daily diet.

Nutritional values of quail meat

Quail meat has very high nutritional values. In its 100 grams there are:

  • 134 kcal,
  • 4.5 g fat,
  • 51 g sodium,
  • 0 g carbohydrate,
  • 22 g protein,
  • 13 mg calcium,
  • 4.5 mg iron,
  • 237 mg of potassium.

Quail meat – health benefits of eating it

Quail meat has many benefits. Above all, it is lean and rich in nutrients and vitamins, i.e. its consumption brings with it a host of health benefits. The main ones are listed below.

1. high protein content

Quail meat is very rich in protein. Just less than 250 g of this product is able to cover the daily requirement of an adult for this component. What is more, the consumption of quail meat also increases the production of hormones and enzymes in our body.

This product is also ideal for people who are into bodybuilding or simply want to build up their muscles. This is because quail meat works perfectly as a mass gainer. You only need to consume it just twice a week to see the difference. 

2. improves eyesight

Quail meat has a high content of vitamin A, which supports proper vision. Although there is less of it than in carrots, it still has quite an impact on reducing vision problems. Also, the presence of lutein and zeaxanthin in this meat has a good effect on the retina. These components capture and destroy oxygen free radicals and absorb the most harmful high-energy blue light wavelengths for the eye, reducing their intensity by up to 90 per cent. They therefore act as a natural filter for the eyes, protecting them from UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.

3. improves skin health

Quail meat not only contains vitamin A and vitamin B, but also vitamin E, which prevents premature ageing of the skin. It is also very helpful in its regeneration.

4. strengthens bones

Quail meat contains phosphorus and calcium. These two minerals have a beneficial effect on bone health, as they are among the most important components of bone tissue. They also play an important role in the treatment of osteoporosis, which is caused by a decrease in their content in the body.

5. treats respiratory diseases

Regular consumption of quail meat can contribute to the effective treatment of respiratory diseases. Nutritionists recommend it for people suffering from asthma or tuberculosis, among others. 

6. caring for the heart

The protein contained in quail meat helps regulate bad cholesterol in the body. This is because it contains a significant amount of vitamin PP (niacin), which removes the excess of this chemical from the arteries. It is therefore advisable to eat quail meat at least twice a week to take care of your heart condition.

7. solves problems of the digestive system

Disorders of the digestive system can cause many health problems. The associated problems with digesting food and absorbing the nutrients from it is a problem that many people face today. However, quail meat has been shown to be able to alleviate the symptoms of abnormal digestion caused by bacteria. Eating this type of meat can therefore be helpful in treating diseases related to the digestive system.

8. boosts immunity

Regular consumption of quail meat increases our body’s immunity. The beneficial effect of this product on the immune system contributes to the fact that we get sick less often because we can more easily defend ourselves against attacking microorganisms.

9. recommended for people with diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes, i.e. who have to deal with regular changes in their blood sugar levels on a daily basis, should eat quail meat. This is because it has properties that help regulate blood sugar levels in the human body.