From field to table – everything about poultry  

There is no doubt that poultry meat – because of its nutritional value – should be part of our daily diet. Both experts and informed consumers know this.

Production quality is a value shared by the largest global and European poultry companies operating in Poland.

European and global consumers have appreciated our product for many years, this is why Poland is the leading producer of poultry meat in the entire European Union, and more than half of domestic production is exported, Polish producers have worked long and hard for their position and would never allow themselves to question the reputation of Polish poultry on global markets. Global success would not be possible without innovation, Polish entrepreneurs themselves created the Institute of Nutrition and Breeding of Polish Chicken, which, in cooperation with the world of science, promotes the highest standards of broiler breeding, the aim of the industry is to set trends in animal breeding and to create business models for breeders in which efforts for sustainable production, increased animal welfare, the environment (lower emissions) and consumer health will be combined.

Polish, i.e. European, production quality is a guarantee of the highest global standards.

The meat that goes on sale is a completely safe product, which is guaranteed by strict provisions of both Polish and EU law, the entire process is supervised by veterinarians who supervise the herds on a daily basis and the Veterinary Inspection, which inspects the animals and the meat obtained from them, The self-awareness of producers is also important, as they must ensure the highest standards of production, quality and well-being in order to be able not only to stay on the market, but also to develop and satisfy the increasingly sophisticated needs and tastes of Polish and foreign consumers.

Animal welfare and sustainable development are the priorities of the Polish poultry industry that produces with respect for the environment and striving to maintain a zero carbon footprint

By taking a holistic approach to farming, we can guarantee the highest standards of animal welfare and through this offer consumers the highest quality meat from chicken and other poultry species such as geese, but also turkeys and ducks, all while respecting the environment and aiming for a zero carbon footprint. The sustainability policy is primarily based on the principle of ‘farm to table’. This means constant monitoring of the food production process at every stage. Central to this is the principle of traceability of food products, including poultry meat. Every EU producer must provide information on his or her suppliers and the recipients of the product or raw material. Fully defining all subsequent links in the production chain is a basic EU legal requirement, also referred to as the one-step-backward, one-step-forward principle. The consumer should be confident that the origin of the product can be traced with absolute accuracy. This principle also applies to animal husbandry.

Poland is the largest producer of poultry meat in the European Union and the third exporter in the world

Poland is currently the first producer of poultry meat in the European Union, we are also the world’s third largest poultry exporter, with 1.6 million tonnes, by comparison, Brazil sells 4.4 million tonnes and the United States sells 3.3 million tonnes, which is an undoubtedly a huge success for Polish breeders and the processing industry. In 2023, we were trusted by the Philippine authorities to allow Polish poultry to enter this 100 million consumer market. We are currently seeking access to the Indian market, and Polish entrepreneurs in December 2023 participated in a high-level mission to India, organised by the European Commission led by Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski. Last year 2023, we also agreed a veterinary certificate with the US also with Regionalisation. We were also visited by representatives from South Korea, Japan, US, Mexico, all of which see us as a cooperation partner.

The guarantee of the highest quality of Polish poultry meat is:

  •  the provenance and traceability of the raw material,
  • state-of-the-art production bases,

  • the production process taking place in the country, 

  • certified systems such as BRC, IFS, HACCP, which ensure theproduction of safe poultry meat at every stage of the food chain.

The complete safety of the poultry production process is also guaranteed by a standardised, detailed and controlled system of practices. The following are currently used in the European Union HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Control Point), which is a universal standard of practice for food production. In addition to mandatory standards, the most recognised Polish producers (mainly exporters) also adhere to optional safety and certification systems, such as IFS (International Food Standard) or BRC (British Retail Consortium) or QAFP (Quality Assurance for Food Products). The combination of these multiple safety systems means in practice, a guarantee of high quality in Polish poultry production.

Is poultry healthy?

Producing safe poultry meat according to a ‘farm-to-table’ approach requires full traceability, i.e. the ability to trace the movement and origin of birds, food and feed. Appropriate systems have therefore been set up at each stage – feed production, farms, animal selection or additives used – to trace the entire product chain from production to the consumer.

Safe poultry

Producing safe poultry meat according to a ‘farm-to-table’ approach requires full traceability, i.e. the ability to trace the movement and origin of birds, food and feed.

Poultry housing conditions

The owner of a poultry farm is obliged to observe welfare rules during rearing and to use only authorised inputs.

Poultry in the diet

A proper diet, next to physical activity, is the most important element of a healthy lifestyle. Our daily diet is often driven by habits that are not entirely healthy.

Safe poultry

One of the key issues of food law in the European Union is the concept of ‘from farm to fork’. As a guiding principle, it was introduced in the EU as early as 2002 (Regulation 178/2002).

In practice, this principle means that all participants involved in food production are equally involved and at the same time equally responsible for food safety. The farm-to-table concept includes a number of standards that make it possible to produce safe poultry meat at every stage of the food chain.