Bioassurance. What is it?

About poultry bioassurance

Poultry farmers prioritise animal health and safety.

Bio-assurance is the so-called biological protection consisting of safeguarding the poultry through preventive and sanitary measures on the farm as well as in its immediate surroundings.

Adherence to bio-assurance aims, among other things, to reduce the incidence of pathogens and improve animal health.

Bioassurance for poultry farming includes principles:

  • ensuring adequate space for the poultry (not exceeding the maximum density),
  • providing the correct environmental conditions (controlling and guaranteeing adequate light, temperature, humidity, air circulation),
  • separation of flocks from each other, with provision of separate feed and utensils,
  • application of the ‘whole house full or whole house empty’ principle,
  • use of protection against wild birds preventing access to animals and feed,
  • use of rodent and insect-proofing of the farm area,
  • carrying out deratisation and disinsectisation on a regular basis and whenever necessary
  • keeping accurate records of bio-teasing, disinfection, deratisation, cleansing and disinfection
  • keeping an inventory of third-party access to the holding.

Poultry housing bioassurance:

  • building of poultry sheds out of poultry-safe materials, suitable for cleaning and disinfection,
  • regular cleaning and disinfection of poultry houses, barns and sheds,
  • securing and disinfecting litter in poultry houses,
  • the use of disinfection mats and sluices in front of the entrance to buildings and to the housing area,
  • securing the area against unauthorised entry,
  • building defences against animals from outside the farm.

Bioassurance in terms of personnel:

  • strict control and limitation of access by authorised persons,
  • use of disposable, protective footwear and clothing whenever entering a poultry house,
  • training in hygiene and safety rules,
  • possession of up-to-date examinations.

Bioassurance in transport:

Adherence to the principles of bio-assurance, proper request and observance of biosecurity contribute to animal health. Every farm must meet the requirements regulated by Polish and European Union law and comply with the recommendations of the Chief Veterinary Inspector.

The safety of the working staff and the health of the animals is the priority.