Poultry farming is one of the fastest growing agricultural sectors in Poland, and indeed across Europe. Due to its size, the amount of waste generated by the industry may cause some environmental concerns. However, this is completely unfounded. The poultry industry is quick to respond to new challenges by introducing modern solutions that are subject to strict legal regulations.

Legal regulations

Both national laws and European Union directives play a key role in shaping a responsible approach to poultry farming. The Directive of the Council of the European Union, also known as the IPPC Directive and its later version, establish the principles of integrated pollution prevention and control. In Poland, these recommendations are implemented by the ‘Environmental Protection Law’.

The reference document describes in detail the standards that must be observed in poultry farming. One of the key requirements is to obtain an integrated permit. Without this document, the operation of a farm, slaughterhouse or processing plant is impossible.

Modern technology

What really sets the poultry industry apart is its ability to adapt and introduce innovative technologies. Waste processing has become one of the main areas of focus. FuelCal technology converts waste into fertilisers or fuels that can be used in the energy industry. Another cutting-edge technology, MCS, involves the charring of dried organic material using microwave energy.

For those looking for alternative energy sources, poultry farms have become the place to implement biogas facilities. And the method of thermal disposal of animal waste provides safe disposal of waste using high temperatures.


Poultry farming is becoming increasingly sustainable thanks to strict regulations and the implementation of new technologies. As a result, the industry not only contributes to the global demand for poultry meat, but does so in a way that minimises its carbon footprint and benefits the environment. Modern poultry farming is proof that responsible production and environmental concerns can go hand in hand.